Are BHS Students Healthy?

Abby Heinemeyer, Opinion Editor

Bethel High School is known for its commitment and passion for sports. Despite the large participation in athletics, some ask, are the students of BHS healthy?

While students roam the halls of Bethel High every day, thinking about which classes to take, which movie to see and what songs to listen to, they also make decisions on how to treat their bodies: to be healthy or not.

When eating at Maggie’s Café, there is an extensive amount of healthy foods for students to choose from. Foods such as yogurt, salads and fruit surround students as they decide what to buy for lunch. According to the lunch ladies, who oversee the eating habits of students during the school year, these healthy options are very popular among BHS students and are often the most sought-after.

Outside of school, many students continue to eat healthy, such as sophomore, Drew Ziegler. “I try not to go to fast food places at all and I try to have my daily servings of fruits and vegetables.”

In addition to simply eating right, some students also can recognize the benefits of doing so. Kelly Roper, a sophomore at BHS, knows this. “I think that it is really beneficial to me and for my future and being an adult.”

However, eating right is not the only component of being a healthy student. Exercise is just as important because it allows one’s body to become stronger, more flexible, and much more.

According to Ms. Jaques, a physical education teacher at Bethel High, the fitness of the school is not at its full potential. “I think that it is ok, it could be a lot better.”

In the physical fitness testing that is conducted every year in Bethel High School, students are tested in four parts: the mile, pushups, sit-ups, and flexibility. According to Jaques, “there are probably 50% pass out of boys and girls and I don’t think there is any reason why we can’t be at 100.”

She believes that if fitness received more support from the school and parents, students would have a better understanding of the importance their health.

Bethel High School is a healthy place for students, but there is always room for improvement.