Churchill’s Political Push

Greg Churchill, Staff Writer

Hello Bethel High school and welcome to a special edition of your Political Push.

New Greek government
After the failed G-20 summit meeting in Brussels, Belgium, Greek Prime Minister (PM) George Papandreou has agreed to step down after demands of the opposition party and on the condition that the 130 billion euro bailout deal be approved. The new PM will be announced on Tuesday according to Ilias Mosialos, a representative of the Greek government said Monday. The elections are most likely to take place after the deal is implemented, around the 19th of February.

Experts fear that the Greek issue will drag down other economies in Europe such as Italy and Spain, as well as other struggling countries like Portugal and Ireland.

On the brighter side, the stepping down of Papandreou could be the gateway for brighter times to come in Greece.

A doctor’s shame
Dr. Conrad Murray, pop star Michael Jackson’s personal physician, was
found guilty of involuntary manslaughter Monday after months of interrogation and speculation over the king of pops’ death. It was believed that either Jackson or Murray gave Jackson a fatal dose of the drug propofol. Dr. Murray now faces up to four years behind bars and has his medical license suspended.

The reason why Murray gave Jackson the propofol was to help him sleep for the last two months of his life. This is a prime example of how a doctors’ shame can lead to lethal consequences.

Scary: Seven Billion by Halloween
The United Nations (UN) has just released a report that states the world will reach seven billion people by October 31, 2011. This is a magnificent achievement considering the world population in 1927 was two billion. Furthermore they predict that by end of the century, there will be as many as 15 billion people on Earth, concentrated mostly in Asia and Africa. About 43% percent of the population is under 25 years old, which is good for industrialized nations such as the U.S, China, India, Britain etc. It is also good for nations that are struggling like the U.S and Britain. With a higher fertility rate, that means that younger people will be more empowered to help in their community: “With planning and the right investments in people now … our world of 7 billion can have thriving, sustainable cities, productive labor forces that can fuel economic growth, youth populations that contribute to the well-being of economies and societies.”

This rapid rise in population is a cause for much celebration and preparation. We must work together as a planet to be prepared to welcome this new generation of young people. Welcome to the world child number seven billion!

From misfits to greatness
The Texas Rangers have been seen for quite some time as a third class team with no real sentimental value. In fact, they were such misfit- to- bees that younger children said to themselves if these guys can be ballplayers I can be too. Ever since the Rotor Blade incident, the Rangers have been struck with their version of Bambinos curse. Never able to get into the World Series, rather just flirt with the playoffs. The lone Rangers have finally been able to say to the Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox and the Cubs we were able to make it to the World Series and we can do it so stop making fun of us. Go Texas!