Rescheduling Halloween

Kristen Apellaniz, Journalism Student

On Thursday November 10, 2011 seniors at Bethel High declared one of the first rescheduled Halloween dress up days ever because of the unfortunate events surrounding SNOWTOBER. With various fallen trees, closed roads and 90% of the town being out of power, townspeople experienced something they’d never expected: a cancellation of Halloween.

With no Halloween, the tradition of Senior Dress Up Day came to a halt. Money thrown away on overpriced costumes and the excitement of Halloween fans were gone to waste, sending various emotions through all. Senior Jessica Nota stated, “I lost my Halloween spirit this year.”
Principal Pat Cosentino knew the school year of 2011-2012 would simply not be right without following tradition. Due to the conflicting weather and events that followed, the “Senior Dress Up Day” was rescheduled for November 10.

Some did not like the idea. One senior who wasn’t a fan of the switch up was Brian Manere. “If it were Halloween, then I’d dress up,” said Manere.
Though many disagreed with the idea of rescheduling the day at all, many also thought the show must go on. “You gotta keep tradition, though it does suck we didn’t have the chance to celebrate on Halloween,” said senior Matt Kelly.

To some, it wasn’t about the holiday, it was simply to get their money’s worth. “I spent a lot of money on my costume, so I wanted to put it to use,” Carolyn Bradshaw (’12) said.

Along with avoiding a waste of money and avoiding the breaking of a well-known tradition, some students just found enjoyment in changing the “norm” outfits filling the halls. “I was excited. I don’t care that it’s not Halloween, I wanted to dress up as a girl scout!” Erin Hannagan (’12) exclaimed.

The rescheduling of Senior Dress Up Day now stands in history; the question that remains is did class of ’12 keep up with the tradition of Senior Dress Up Day, or have they simply begun a new one?