Machete Menace

Bridget Conway, Journalism Student

It seems since New Year, Danbury, Connecticut has descended into machete madness.

This past Sunday, February 19th, one Danbury man publicly brandished a machete in two home invasions making local headlines throughout the Danbury area.

Before the February 19 invasion, 27-year-old Juan Soriano was charged with burglary of the 3rd degree, criminal mischief in the 2nd degree, and threatening in the 2nd degree in 2008. He was sentenced to nearly six years in jail in total. However, police reports show that he was released after 18 months with two years probation.

According to The News Times, Soriano went back to old ways when he invaded an apartment at 30 Elm Street in Danbury, threatening the occupants until they provided him with information about individuals in a second home. Soon after he left that first apartment, the police were notified, Soriano was identified, and later, taken into custody.

Soriano was due in court on Monday February 27, 2012 and is being charged with several crimes including first degree burglary, second degree threatening, two counts of disorderly conduct, second degree criminal mischief, second degree unlawful restraint, carrying a dangerous weapon, and interfering with a 9-1-1 call.

But the machete madness did not stop there.

In another bizarre incident on Monday February 20, three men met behind the War Memorial in Danbury and proceeded to fight: a machete was involved.

According to Danbury Patch, Paul Grima (21), Patrick Ellis (20), and Paul Buongiorno (19), were each romantically affiliated with the same woman and to settle the quarrel they set to fight, physically.

While no one was seriously injured, police were notified and each man was taken into custody. The man who brought the machete to the show down was allegedly Buongiorno, who is being held on $100,000 bond for possession of a dangerous weapon.

Grima and Ellis are also on being held under a $50,000 bond each with charges including: breach of peace, criminal mischief, threatening, conspiracy for assault, and possession of marijuana.