Is It Safe to Enter Bethel High School?

Jonathan De Los Santos, Journalism Student

Bethel High School is one of the best schools in Connecticut. However, even Bethel High School faces the challenge of keeping its students safe.

The April 5th lock down is just one example of the extraordinary challenges the administration faces to keep BHS students safe. While that was a case of an outside threat, some students worry that in-school threats also exist. Alana Cleary ’12 states, “There are a lot of crazy people in this school and you never know what they are going to do. They can come in easily with a gun or some type of weapon.”

Assistant Principal Mr. Chris Troetti acknowledges the challenge. “I’m sure there are some students who have concerns, but some of these cases are not brought to our attention. If a student expresses his/her concern, then we will act. Most safety issues start outside of school, and many people feel something will happen when they are in school.”

Thankfully, not all students feel unsafe. Danielle Burton ’15 says, “I feel safe because I know that no one will come in here with a gun.”

Burton feels protected with the amount of security BHS provides. In Bethel High School security has increased because of a grant.

Mr. Troetti says, “The cameras we have gotten with the grant lets us pinpoint where students are, and because of that we are able to solve a lot of theft, but we are not able to solve many thefts in the locker rooms.”

School safety is an very real concern. It is comforting to know that the BHS administration takes it seriously.