Ring Dinner Groove

Amanda Ramey, Journalism Student

The students at BHS got their groove on at the Ring Dinner Dance on Fri., March 23.

When students arrived at the Amber Room in Danbury the room was decorated with glamorous balloons, and sequins were scattered about the tables.

Other than the snazzy ambiance, the staff was delighted with the outcome of the event. Ms. Kristen Dirzius, a BHS English teacher and class adviser states, “I thought everything went smoothly. The sophomores had a great time, and everyone looked handsome and beautiful.”

The buffet style food was a well suited addition to the evening given the fact that teens like to eat. The seemingly ceaseless amount of chicken, steak, pasta, bread, salad and potatoes filled everyone’s bellies just enough to leave them not too stuffed to boogie.

While the food was great, some students were upset with the way that the staff handled the dancing. Seniors were irritated with the staff cracking down on their racy dance moves.

Christina Moavero, ’12 states, “As a senior, I was kind of mad. I can understand where they were coming from, but they should have bigger things to worry about than dancing at dances.”

Sophomores on the other hand, enjoyed themselves immensely. Shane Slink ’14 says, “The food was good, everyone was dressed nice, and teachers weren’t too harsh.”

As a whole, the guests at Ring Dinner were satisfied with all components of the dance with the exception of the strictness with the dancing. Students and staff look forward to many similar events in the future.