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We Will Miss You, Dr. Cosentino

It’s official¸ Dr. Pat Cosentino, principal of Bethel High School, has accepted a new position as superintendent of the Region 12 school district, which encompasses the towns of Washington, Bridgewater, and Roxbury.

“I didn’t want to leave Bethel,” Dr. Cosentino insisted. “I wanted to challenge myself to do different things. I’ve been a principal for sixteen years now and I felt this time in my life would be a good time.”

Dr. Cosentino began her search for a higher position about a year ago when Dr. Gary Chesley announced his retirement plans from Bethel’s superintendent post. When Dr. Kevin Smith was chosen to succeed Dr. Chesley, Dr. Cosentino had to look elsewhere for a more ambitious position. She will be officially beginning her new superintendent position on July 1st of this year.

Region 12 is a much smaller district when compared with Bethel’s district. With a total of 886 kids, the district is home to its own unique set of problems, such as consolidating some of the schools and the implementation of technology. However, Dr. Cosentino embraces this new challenge, and looks forward to meeting her new students.

Her peers acknowledge Dr. Cosetino’s strengths. Mr. Chris Troetti, assistant principal, emphasizes her ability to listen to many parties, “Students, parents, staff, everybody,” will help Dr. Cosentino in her new position.

Although she looks forward to the new position, she regrets having to leave the district that she has worked for for so long, not just as principal of Bethel High, but also as principal of Frank A. Berry Elementary School. “I’m very sad to leave the kids,” she noted. “I’m going to miss Mr. Lawlor, Mr. Troetti and the staff.”

Many of her colleagues and students have also expressed their regret at seeing Dr. Cosentino’s departure. “Dr. Cosentino has made a tremendous impact on the improvement of education here in Bethel during her tenure as principal of both Berry School and Bethel High School,” stated Dr. Smith, the current superintendent of the Bethel Public Schools district. “She leaves a strong legacy that includes the development of many new leaders who can carry on her improvement initiatives.”

Dr. Cosentino is especially remembered for her leadership during the Bethel High School renovation project. As Mr. Troetti noted, “She brought the school back together during the renovation.”

Although it is certain that Dr. Cosentino is leaving her position in the high school, it is not certain how a new principal will be decided. One thing is clear however; the decision will require the participation of parents, staff, students, and administration.