Mr. K: Math CAPT Guru

Queenie Yeung, Journalism Student

In March, sophomores must take the Connecticut Academic Performance Test, or the CAPT, a state-mandated standardized test. Many might not know that BHS Math teacher, Mr. Michael Krupnikoff, aka Mr. K, was one of the CAPT test makers.

Mr. Krupnikoff has been working for BHS for eight years and he started working as an intern of January 2004 before officially becoming a full-time teacher in the following fall.

Mr. K. became involved with the CAPT several years ago “In my third year of teaching here, the state sent out a letter to everyone saying anyone interested in being an item writer for CAPT are free to apply,” he explains. “I thought it sounded interesting and I could give it a shot. I actually ended up getting selected to be one of the people writing a bunch of the questions in the test.”

The process of writing the CAPT questions takes the combined efforts of teachers from all around the state.

“We spent three days in a hotel in Hartford as a group of about thirty math teachers from all over Connecticut,” Mr. Krunikoff said. “And we divided up into groups and wrote problems for three days.”

Mr. Krupnikoff only participated in writing part of the CAPT once. He explains, “As far as I know that was the only time because this was when they went from the second generation to the third generation of the test and they’re still in the third generation. Every now and then, I see in the released items as question that I wrote.”

Clearly Mr. Krupnikoff has unique advice for students taking the CAPT. Time management is a must. He also said, “Never ever leave anything blank on the CAPT.”