BHS Art Dept. Takes New Britain Museum of American Art

Katherine Filler, Journalism Student

Art and sculpture classes from Bethel High School attended a field trip to the New Britain Museum of American Art(NBMAA) on Wednesday, April 11.

For some of the students who attended, it was their first experience in an art museum. The NBMAA’s wide variety of displays did not disappoint.

Lynn Ferrier, art teacher at Bethel High School says, “I like that they have a lot of everything; it makes it much more eclectic.” This had not been Mrs. Ferrier’s first time at this museum, but she found different pieces that she absolutely loved.

The museum has styles of art ranging from contemporary to modern to old-fashioned to strange and obscure. Mrs. Ferrier recommends that everyone should “absolutely go see all of the exhibits.”

Senior AP art student, Christina Moavero, had never been to an art museum before this experience. She said it was, “strange, contemporary, and had a weird mix. I liked the contemporary and modern styles because it was nice to see both in one place.”

The museum holds an exhibit with all different pieces made by the artist Marc Swanson. Marc is also the nephew of Anne Bogart, one of the art teachers at Bethel High.

The students got the chance to sit down and listen to what Swanson had to say about being an artist and what it takes to be successful. He explained the hardships of the profession, like trying to sell his pieces.

The New Britain Museum of American Art is a popular museum in the North East, housing a wide range of styles and is good for all ages. If you’re looking for something different to do rather than sit home all day, come on down to the NBMAA and experience a whole different world.