ConnJam! Scouts learning and saving the day


Troop 63 After ConnJam

Jonathan DeLosSantos, Journalism Student

On May 13th, troop 63 participated with 3,400 scouts other Connecticut scouts in Connecticut Jamboree (ConnJam) in Orange, CT. This troop, under the direction of Mr. Gene Waring, Tech Teacher at Bethel High School, had a blast at the 4th annual ConnJam.

Drama erupted at the event when a surprise microburst descended on Conn-Jam. Evan Fahr of troop 63 states, “The Big tent fell down where there were different organizations and animals were.” Some of these exhibits did have to shut down and five people were hurt and had to be medically treated.

Even with this microburst, scouts kept their chins high and did not let this get them down. Bryan Waring of troop 63 said, “There was a lot of activity and organization. Even with the wind storm everything was all right and there was no chaos.”

Bryan was right. All scouts carried on throughout the day. Chris Casertano stated, “All the activities were cool and the food was great!”

ConnJam is an opportunity to have fun with 3,400 other scouts from other Connecticut councils. This ConnJam included high adventure activities such as rock climbing, ax throwing, and shooting paintballs. Scouts make new friends, grow closer as a unit, and challenge themselves.