Mr. Waring Wins Hennessey Award

Mr. Waring Wins Hennessey Award

Colton Zuvich, Staff Writer

BETHEL HIGH SCHOOL- Marking the 2013 school year, Mr. Waring, a BHS cross country coach and long-time teacher, was admitted into the Hennessey Award winning collection of distinguished teachers.

Since 2007, the Hennessey Memorial Award honors an exemplary teacher who goes above and beyond to improving student achievement, and inspiring the love of learning in the classroom. To meet the selection criteria the staff member must demonstrate: creativity, innovation, and instructional expertise in their work.

Mr. Hennessey is a Bethel Alumnus, who has been extremely generous to the Bethel education system offering educational grants in his name for decades. For over 25 years, he and his family have contributed annual university scholarships in his name to Bethel High School students. However, seven years ago Mr. Hennessey approached Dr. Cosentino (former Bethel High School Principal) to develop what came to be known as the Distinguished Teacher Award.

To win this prestigious honor isn’t quite so simple though. A formal application is distributed in April, and it’s then up to the students, parents, and teachers for possible recommendations. From here, a selected panel of prior winners, administration, teachers, and students meet on separate days to discuss the possible candidates over the selection process. After three months of panels, and careful deliberation among Mr. Hennessey and the administration a winner is finally announced in June.

“I was surprised, yet humbled. The award was a great honor,” says Mr. Waring when reflecting on his accomplishment, “The award gives me the confidence to know that I must be doing it right. It keeps me going with a positive outlook.”

Upon winning the honor, Mr. Waring was awarded a cash prize of $2,500, and a name placard proudly displayed in the main lobby showcase with the former victors. These include: Mrs. Pardalis (2007), Mr. Owen (2008), Mr. Turek (2009), Mr. Coachman (2010), Mrs. Peterson (2011), and Mrs. Lerz (2012).

Mr. Waring has received much support from his students and colleagues subsequent to winning. BHS Principal Mr. Troetti stated that he, “is always willing to work with everyone, from the top students or someone just passionate about the subject. He’ll always go above and beyond, and take the time to help the student.” Similarly, a current student of his, Matthew Janisch ’15 explained, “He’s a really good teacher, and we really focus and learn the material in his class.” Both are extremely proud of Mr. Waring’s achievements.

Who will be awarded the prestigious honor this year? That’s up to the BHS student body and faculty come March of 2014.

“We had a record number of applications from last year, and I encourage students to do the same this year,” claims Mr. Troetti.