Shoes for School

Shoes for School

Kendall Meenan, Staff Writer

Although most high schoolers hate coming to school, it is still a great privilege. One that other students do not receive, especially in Guatemala. So, the World Language Honors Society decided to help, by sending them shoes.

From December 2nd from December 6th, students in the World Language Honors Society at BHS collected shoes to send to Guatemala. According to Victoria Maceira ‘14, a member of the society, the club received 50 shoes, which means that their fundraiser gave 25 children the opportunity to go to school.

Ms. Jennie Taranovich, Curriculum Coordinator of the World Language Department, is currently attending Sacred Heart University, where the program originated. Over spring break the Sacred Heart students are attending a mission trip in Guatemala, and bringing the shoes with them. The World Language Honors Society passed the shoes collected on to the students at Sacred Heart for donation.

When Ms. Taranovich heard about the fundraiser she thought it was a “good opportunity for our honors society to participate and help them out.”

But why would they be asking for shoes? In Guatemala, children are not permitted to go to school without shoes. Unfortunately, most kids don’t have them, which means they cannot receive proper education.

Ms. Taranovich explains, “They can’t go to school if they don’t have shoes, and there are sections that are very poor so we collected shoes for them.”

Thanks to this fundraiser many children are finally getting the chance to get a good education. Victoria Maceira ‘14 agrees with this sentiment. She says, “I think this program and cause is so important because everyone deserves an education, and a pair of shoes. It’s devastating that these young kids don’t have shoes or other necessities that many people take for granted.”

Not only that but it’s a great opportunity for the society and BHS to help children in need. Ms. Taranovich believes, “it’s important and specifically relevant to our honors society because it has to do with a culture that we study and it’s always nice to help someone in need.”