Spirit Week 2014 Guide!

Spirit Week 2014 Guide!

Patrick Hannagan, Sports Writer

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is coming up in just a few weeks! That’s right: Bethel High’s 2014 Spirit Week and Homecoming are right around the corner! This your go-to guide for getting the most out of Spirit Week!


  • When you participate in the theme days, be sure to check in with the Student Government representatives outside the lunch room to get points towards the Spirit Cup for you grade!
  • Have fun responsibly! School rules still apply to spirit week, including the dress code. Don’t make it so a teacher or administrator has to intervene and ruin it for everyone.
  • Talk to your class president if you are interested in signing up for one of the events in the Pep-Rally!

Monday, October 20th: Disney Day
Spirit Week starts off with the perfect day to embrace one of the best parts of childhood on Disney Day. Get dressed up with clothes and accessories that have your favorite Disney characters on them, or step it up and go all-out with a costume! Get creative!

Tuesday, October 21th: Class Charity Day
This year sees the debut of Class Charity day, which is brand new to BHS this year! Each grade has chosen a different color and charity to support and ordered t-shirts reflecting those choices. All of the proceeds from t-shirt sales will go to the chosen charity. Unite your grade under one color for one great cause and look good while doing it! The winner of the Spirit Points this day will be determined by which grade sold the most t-shirts.

Wednesday, October 22nd: Oliver Ciparelli Superhero Day
Honor Bethel’s strongest and favorite Superhero, Oliver Ciparelli and support a new school tradition – the Second Annual Superhero Day! Find your inner greatness and dress up as some of the most influential characters in pop-culture or keep it close to home and dress up in Super Oliver’s blue and red costume. Let Ollie’s invincible inner strength and courage inspire you on this day!

Thursday, October 23rd: America Day
Show your national pride on Thursday for America Day. Be as patriotic as possible and wear as much red, white, and blue as you can to support the good old stars and stripes and to demonstrate how much we love our freedom and our country. You could even go big and come dressed as an American icon like Uncle Sam or the Statue of Liberty!

Friday, October 24th: Wildcat Spirit Day
Spirit Week with Wildcat Spirit Day, the culmination of all your school pride! Wear as much maroon and white as possible to show how much you love being a Bethel High Wildcat. This half-day will end with our annual Homecoming Pep Rally which will return to the football field this year! During the Pep Rally, you can compete in various challenges that go towards your grade winning the Spirit Cup, as well as meet the various sports teams that have been representing BHS this season. If you want to participate in one of the activities, your class president will have the sign up sheet. At the end of the Pep Rally, the Spirit Cup winner will be announced!

Don’t go home and change after school on Friday! Keep your Wildcat Spirit strong and support the football team at Friday night’s Homecoming Game against Pomperaug. After the game, head up to the Senior Lot for the annual bonfire, complete with DJ and some snacks for sale!