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Bethel’s New Superintendent


The beginning of another school year entails new class schedules, new teachers, new clothes, and new friends. But at the start of this school year, Bethel has introduced a new superintendent.

Dr. Christine Carver has joined the Bethel Public Schools District after Dr. Kevin Smith relocated to Wilton, CT.

Before coming to Bethel, Dr. Carver earned four different degrees. She earned both her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Special Education at The University of Connecticut. Carver also earned a Six-year degree in Administration from Sacred Heart University as well as a Doctorate degree from UConn.

While she was continuing her studies, Dr. Carver held a variety of positions on both the East and West Coasts. She began teaching in Whittier, California, which is right outside of Los Angeles. Carver taught Special Education at Whittier High School for two years before moving back to Connecticut to be with her family. After relocating, Dr. Carver taught at both Woodstock Academy and New London High School. She held a variety of positions at New London High School: Special Ed Teacher, Department Chairperson for Special Education, Supervisor of Special Education, Director of Special Education, and the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Instruction. Her last district before Bethel was in Newington, CT where she was the Assistant Superintendent.

Dr. Carver identifies Bethel’s sense of community as a unique aspect. She believes that there is also strong support and a sense of pride associated with the educational system.

She comments, “The community wants their children to have the very best education that they can possibly get. I think the teachers strive to give them that.”

Correspondingly, Mr. Chris Troetti, principal of Bethel High School, believes that Dr. Carver’s strong background in special education “will serve all students in our district extremely well.”

Both Dr. Carver and the Board of Education have already set goals to move the district forward. These goals include employing the best teaching staff, integrating technology into the classroom, having a safe and secure school, and providing the best education possible.

Currently, Dr. Carver is focused on implementing a School Security and Safety Plan in each of the schools in the district. For example, the exterior windows of all of the buildings have a protective coating that prevents the glass from shattering. Another safety protocol Dr. Carver and the Board of Education aim to integrate is a key fob system instead of a master key system.

Mr. Troetti explains, “She has been very proactive in working to secure grants that would bring more tools to the district that will help improve our infrastructure.”

Dr. Carver will also be introducing other new security measures over the next few months.

“Right now it’s top secret,” she laughs. “No,” she seriously states, “we’re looking at how can we constantly make sure that everybody is safe at the school.”

In addition, Dr. Carver and the Board of Ed are developing a strategic plan for the district. In other words, they aim to create a long-term plan to help students keep up with the ever-changing digital world. Another key initiative prepares students to succeed in college as well as the work force.

Dr. Carver’s passionate belief in the potential of every student to achieve at high levels helps to find the uniqueness and individuality of each student in order to breed success. As a school district, Carver believes that classroom instruction should be focused on engaging students so they’re collaborating and problem solving.

She explains, “My goal is to support schools, I believe that superintendents and Central Office should be supporting schools so that teachers can do their jobs and be successful in that.”