BHS On Stage Players: The Clown Prince

The Bethel High School On Stage Players will present their children’s theater production of “The Clown Prince” on Saturday,  May 9, 2015.  The performances will be at 1:00 and 3:00 PM in the Black Box Theater (room 218). Cast members include: Sean Gorman as Gaspard, Mark Tully as Prince Damon, Thomas Smith as Snipe, Jennifer Cote as Laurel, Alyssa Schneider as Princess Dana, and Danielle Hector as Rita.  Prince Damon and Princess Dana are betrothed to each other, even though they have never met. Neither of them want to get married nor are they happy with their titles of Prince and Princess.  They decide to take on the roles of a clown and a gypsy.  Prince Damon takes a vow before Gaspard and Snipe saying that he will not speak until Princess Dana declares that he is the best clown in the land.  With the help of Rita, Dana joins the band of gypsies.  One day while Gaspard, Snipe and Prince Damon are rehearsing in the woods, Rita and Dana overhear them and are asked to join their traveling troupe of performers.  Dana and Damon get to know each other better and Princess Dana, with her declaration that Damon is the best clown, ends Damon’s vow of silence.

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