Indoor Track Donation


Aliha Haider ’20

Journalism Student


You have probably felt the floor shaking these past few weeks if your classrooms are near the old tennis courts. That’s because an anonymous and generous donor has decided to pay for the construction of a track facility, which will be built over the old tennis courts. The track facility will be used by the indoor track team here at Bethel High School, but ROTC, students in PE, and even the public will reap the benefits.  

The construction process has already begun and with that comes many complications as the back parking lot by ROTC and eventually parts of the upper teacher lot will be closed down. A fence has already been erected that affects both the back, and upper parking lots. Currently, there is no access to the doors by Art, TASK, or Little Wildcats rooms.

This track facility is being created with the intentions to serve Bethel’s track program, the NJROTC, the Wrestling team, the Cheerleading team, Physical Education classes, the Marching Band and Colorguard programs, and others. Even the public will reap the benefits.  Since it will be indoor, it is ideal for year-round use.

According to the an article written in the NewsTimes last June, this facility will include a 200 meter track on its upper level. There will be areas for athletes to practice shot put, long jump, hurdling, and other activities on its lower level. It will also have bathrooms and storage areas.

The donor has been working closely with an architect who has created many other sports centers in the state.

Winter track member, Jacob Sabbagh ‘20, says, “I’m really excited about having an indoor track because we don’t have to run in the cold anymore and we finally get to pole vault in the winter.”

The track facility is projected to be completed by Nov. 2019. The donor hopes it will help athletes improve their skills and become a space for all within the community to enjoy.