New Bethel Climate Change Action Committee  Organizes Campus-Wide Cleanup 

By: Ella 23-Burns-DeMelo

     On March 18, CT DEEP held the first annual CT climate change youth summit. Ten Bethel High School students participated in this event, learning the science and impact of climate change, as well as ways to engage in civic action planning. 

     Collaborating, these eager students established the Bethel Climate Change Action Committee as their first step toward a greener future. 

     The BCAC is a group of students who represent the concerns youth of today have toward sustaining our planet. 

     Being a large-scale issue, the club hopes to help the students of BHS find some direction and work together to fight climate change.

     Bethel High School student and member of the BCAC, Oliver Herbert ‘23 expressed her distress towards climate change.

     “Because we only have a limited amount of time to improve our practices…creating a club in which people can contribute to the improvement of climate change can provide some reassurance,” Herbert said. 

     Rather than just an environmental club, the BCAC works specifically to reduce the carbon emissions from our school and community. 

     In an attempt to gain more supporters, students who participate in BCAC events will be awarded community service hours to help fulfill their graduation requirements. 

     “I hope that more students begin to join the BCAC, whether it be for community service or intentions to improve the environment, and that we can continue over time to grow,” said Herbert. 

     With their new goals in mind, the BCAC plans to hold a campus clean-up on June 5. 

     To avoid harmful impacts on our animals and ecosystems, all trash will be properly disposed of or recycled. Furthermore, any students who participate will be awarded community service hours. 

     Although there is a long way to go to fix climate change, Bethel High School is stepping in the right direction for a sustainable future with the BCAC. 

     Any student interested in participating in the event, or joining the club can contact [email protected] for more information.