Why you don’t need Formspring

Alex Amaru, Staff

Do you like getting insulted by anonymous people on a consistent basis? Do you like getting asked personal and uncomfortable questions that all of your friends can see? Do you like being the center of internet controversy? Then do I have the website for you! Formspring.com is a website where people can post comment on someone else’s page anonymously.

I have no idea why this website even exists. Actually, I do: to cause stress and anxiety in teenagers lives. I meant to say teenagers and not everybody because anybody over the age of 17 knows that they are too mature to even think about having a Formspring.

Not only am I disappointed with everyone who has a Formspring, but I am disgusted with everyone who has ever written on one with bad intentions. At one time I actually wrote on a person’s Formspring, but the guilt tore me up inside and so I told the person what I wrote the very next day. I actually felt much better about myself knowing that I have the courage to say something to someone in person and not only on Formspring.

The moral of the story is not to have a Formspring or to write on somebody else’s. You never know what pain you may cause someone by writing something mean and inappropriate. If you really feel the need to settle a score with someone, face them in person. I promise you will feel better about yourself if you make friends with someone instead of BULLYING them over the internet. Just like a famous Led Zeppelin song goes “Lots of people talking few of them know. The soul of Formspring was created below.”