Senioritis on the Rise at BHS

Ben Ryan, Journalism Student

Although I am sure many of us have been feeling the effects of Senioritis since September, it seems more pertinent to discuss it now that AP tests are over and the entirety of school seems to have downshifted into the lazy, heat induced stroll of the last few weeks. While laziness is typically frowned upon, Senioritis is a different type. Proud seniors will flaunt their most excessive stories of laziness, challenging each other to see who is indeed putting the least amount of effort into their last, lethargic stretch of high school.

I set out on a quest to find the most ridiculous cases of Senioritis. Being a Senior, I had to spend a few days motivating myself to stop playing Minecraft on the computer in class and actually go out to find people. My first stop, Nicola Gallagher, the girl who is taking every AP class in the school while simultaneously being eclectically obsessed with Mirage and clipboards. She even had a clipboard with last year’s Mirage attached. While she joined me on my epic adventure (which was more of a lazy walk through the school) she refused to tell me any of her personal Senioritis tales. (It is worth noting that she preferred to follow me around then actually do any sort of work. Her excuse: I was using her pen.)

First stop, the media center. A half-asleep Bryan Lehner, head resting on hand and lazily clicking through a PowerPoint, was a prime first target. “I really don’t have Senioritis because I don’t do anything in school anyway. I spend half my day in the ceramics room.” I began to argue that that counted, but he began ignoring me.

After more exploration we found Calla Bardwell, sitting in Mr. Waring’s room, using a computer for an unmentionable act of evil (a flash game). “All I do is play on the computer and watch movies… at school.” Regardless, I doubt her home schedule is vastly different.

Becca Lienhardt sat with a blank word document. “My research paper is due tomorrow.” When I turned to nearby Randy Lowenadler he asked, “Do you want something besides the fact I don’t do any work for any class?” Scott Sasso, immediately seeing his opportunity to brag at hand, adds, “I go home and take a nap to prepare for my next class.” I say, why leave school? Jimmy Dee sighed, “I’ve had Senioritis since 8th grade.”

Later in the day, I ran into Lauren Milburn. I was immediately concerned. “The day before my AP studio art portfolio was due I had 6 pieces unfinished. I stayed home from school ‘sick’ and did photography to sum up my portfolio.” I joined her in class to, not to my surprise, find her, and everyone else in the art room, engaged in a paper-maché snowball/sword battle.

I maybe would have interviewed more seniors for this article, but I figured for what I have now, I’ll get a passing grade, and that’s good enough.