Welcome Back to Wildcat Word

Ariel Ligowski, Editor-in-Chief

Some say that journalism is the root of all evil; in reality, though, journalism is the root of all truth. We are the voice of the people whose stories would normally be left unheard, swept under the rug of social class or corruption.

Such an establishment is equally important in a high school setting. With sports, clubs, grades, after-school jobs, and a social life, people need an easy-access way to learn about the place they spend forty hours a week.

This year you will all see that the Wildcat Word has evolved into a media source that students can rely on and even enjoy. Simply because the school paper has transformed from print to online does not waive its relevance. And simply because it’s “news,” doesn’t mean it’s boring.

Tons of exciting things are being planned for this year.

For those struggling with an issue that ranges from romantic to health to self-esteem to family, the Wildcat Word is introducing an advice column. Unload your burdens into an email message to [email protected] and press send. This is open to both boys and girls, no matter how personal or controversial the issue. You do not need to reveal your name.

Have an opinion? Need to say something about the Wildcat Word? Just want to throw in your two bits? Email [email protected] Your letters will be printed – sometimes with a reply from me! (For those who have read it, think MAD Magazine, but not quite so crude).

Passionate about human rights? There’s a column for that this year. It will be covering issues that you don’t always hear about, and talk about international issues that aren’t just concerning the Middle East. Whether you’re fourteen or eighteen, you have intelligence, opinions, and deserve to know what’s going on in the world you live in.

Along will all these new, exciting features, we will continue to have the sections of news, opinion, sports, Art & Entertainment, and student life. We will have music, gaming, technology, television, and movie reviews.

This year, the Wildcat Word is going to be a relevant part of Bethel High School. We talk about everything you care about. Why not give us a shot?