Divas and Bathroom Breaks

Ariel Ligowski, Editor-in-Chief

World Wrestling Entertainment, known by most as WWE, has become a phenomenon. Over the years it has “cleaned up” in an attempt to become family entertainment. Regardless, it is still the satirical, dramatic, violent sport we all love and adore.

I would like to say it is empowering that WWE have “Divas.” For those who don’t know, Divas are the female wrestlers. They have their own title matches, and a singular match per show. What a fantastic idea, right? Support femininity and strength, equality, all that righteous mumbo jumbo.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Excluding the few Divas (such as Beth Phoenix and Alicia Fox) who have actual wrestling talent, the matches are nothing more than a three-minute tussle of girlish shrieks, hair tugging, and pathetic athleticism. In other words, eye candy.

It’s not about their looks, or their outfits. If the men can sport Hulk-like muscles and too-tight leather undies, the women can sport bootie shorts and a cropped top. The lack of athletic ability to back it up, however, turns the match into a sensual joke.

In fact, when the stadium is washed with pink light, the screen plays some random, poorly acted cat fight, and the arena is filled with wrestlers who fight like pissed off eighth graders, the audience splits into two personas:
1.) Those who don’t mind the amateur bumping and poorly executed hits enjoy the show.
2.) Those who have a deep passion for wrestling and have outgrown the 15-year-old mindset nickname the Diva segment as “bathroom break”. They get off your sofa, or leave the arena, to get some food and visit the restroom. After all, they won’t be missing much.

If only we could have female wrestlers who actually know what they’re doing! As a society, I personally believe we have progressed in the role of women being more than a tote to men and a nice view. However, old habits die hard. I hope for a future WWE where a woman will be turned away if her wrestling skills are that of the minor leagues, no matter her cup size. Who says you can’t be attractive and a good wrestler?!