Ask Carol! October Edition


Question: So there is this boy I really like, and we have been good friends for a while. For some reason though, he keeps sending me mixed signals and won’t ask me out. What should I do?

From: I Need a Boyfriend

Well I Need a Boyfriend,

This is a tough one. Although you have feelings for him, you don’t want to ruin your friendship! So, maybe talk to him and mention how although you do have feelings for him you don’t want to make things awkward. If he is the guy you always thought he was, he will definitely appreciate the courage it took you to talk to him and admire that. Also, if for some stupid reason he doesn’t respond the way you want, or acts uncomfortable, he is not worth your time anyways! Use that charm and hair flip you’ve got to convince him otherwise. You got this!

Question: How can I stay in touch with my friends going to college?

From: Lonely In The Future

Awww Lonely In The Future,

It’s really sad watching your friends go off to college! Although they are experiencing new things, it’s always great to know while you are away from home your old friends have your back. Maybe send them a gift via snail mail so they know you are thinking about them, or text them once in a while to see how they are doing. Remember, they will always come back home to visit!

Question: I feel like my friends think I’m annoying, and don’t want to hang out with me anymore! I have known them my whole life, and I have started to be replaced! What should I do?

From: Friendless But Friendly

Dear Friendless But Friendly,

Friends can be complicated sometimes. Many times, they could be going through a rough period, or are being influenced by others around them. If you want to still be friends with them, talk to them and say how you feel, in a nice, understanding way. If you feel like you want to find a new group of friends, put yourself out there. Sometimes it can be really hard to make good friends, but remember, quality before quantity! Be confident and always show a smile.

Peace, Love, Advice!


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