Ask Carol! December Edition


Question: My boyfriend is a senior and I am a junior. He is leaving for college soon and I am so anxious about what will happen to our relationship once he leaves BHS. What should I do?

From: Nervous Nelly

Although this may seem like the end of the world, many couples go through the same situation when one is going to college! It’s important to talk to your boyfriend and see what he is thinking, and discuss what would be best for you guys in the long run. If he expresses that he thinks you guys should end your relationship because of distance, then make sure you end on good terms so you can continue to be friends. It’s highly important that you are understanding of whatever you mutually decide because you want not only what is best for you, but for him, too. If the situation was reversed you would want him to think the same about you. As long as you are understanding, honest and yourself, you’re bound to find someone, even if it’s not this guy!

Question: What do I do if my friend is flirting with my boyfriend?

From: Jealous Jamie

Friends can be tough! I would start by talking to your friend and saying that although you are sure her intentions aren’t malicious, that her actions sometimes seem a little more flirtatious than they should be. You can also add that you really care about your boyfriend and that you don’t want some boy to come in between your friendship! By showing that your friendship comes first, your friend is sure to be understanding and appreciate that you told her how you felt, and make your friendship even stronger! This conversation not only adjusts your mindset to make you feel a ton less insecure, but a whole lot more confident.

Question: I feel like my teacher isn’t teaching us anything. I’m very interested in the subject, but the teacher doesn’t teach. We just waste away for an hour.

From: Class Anxiety

Everyone really adheres to different teaching styles. Sometimes it is difficult to learn a subject if you don’t enjoy the topic or how the teacher is teaching. But in this case, you have the opportunity to enjoy what you are learning! When your teacher gives you material to learn in class, research alternative ways online to teach yourself the information that ultimately applies to your learning style. Then, you can utilize your resources and try to succeed despite this discouraging situation. Take initiative and persevere!

Question: I think I have a little crush on this guy but he’s going to college next year. One, how do I get over the crush because I know it’s never going to happen and two, how do I make sure to maintain a long distance friendship?

From: Crushin’ Chloe

You never know! Guys can surprise you! Just when you least expect it, a guy you’re interested in can come out of nowhere and be into you. Although you think things aren’t hopeful, sometimes it is good to just focus on some other priorities in your life, and shift the focus from him to you. By making other commitments, like to schoolwork or extra-curricular activities, you may find yourself thinking less and less about your crush. But, to maintain a friendship with him, it is key to express how much you are going to miss him next year, and let him know how important it is to you that you want to keep in touch. Even though this may seem like too much, he will be sure to make the effort to see you when he is home, and continue the progress you guys have made!

Question: Now that the holidays are approaching, I don’t know what to get for my best friend. We’ve been close for a long time and I want to get her something extra special. What should I do?

From: Sucky Santa

The holidays can be tough! Sometimes, getting a gift can be extremely hard if you have known someone for a long time, and you think you have gotten them everything you can think of! But, maybe this time get a little creative and do a craft, like a holiday ornament, or bring them out to their favorite restaurant or store and you treat! Your friend will love the thought put into her gift, and really appreciate the uniqueness. Good luck!

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