Shop Local this Holiday Season


Hannah Barney ’19
Staff Writer

     Whether you ventured out on Black Friday or scoured the internet on Cyber Monday, the inevitable is near: the holidays are right around the corner and it’s crunch time to find that perfect gift for your family and friends.

     Special deals, coupons and discounts are advertised everywhere you turn, encouraging encouragement to go out and spend money. During the early days of December, pressure is on to unearth the right present. Here are some ideas to spark your gift giving creativity that are sure to be well received.

     Right here in Bethel, The Toy Room has an abundance of gifts, especially those that fit the likings of younger children. Some of their items include games, activity kits, building sets and kits for those who love crafts. For the older ages, they have puzzles, decor and even Deka Slides that add a touch of personalization and expression to your plain earbuds.

     If you are looking for more trendy items that will make your colleagues or family members’ lives a little bit better, explore your local stores for waterproof speakers, fidget toys and fidget spinners, clip-on LED selfie lights, earbuds or headphones, phone chargers, or  charging cases.

     For those who enjoy gaming, it would be suitable to find their favorite game for their Xbox one, Playstation, Virtual Reality, or other system. Some bestsellers include: “Horizon: New Dawn,” “Destiny 2,” “NBA 2k17” and many more.

     A simple book or journal, too, is always an option. Check out Byrd’s Books, Rainy Day Paperback Exchange or the Relay Bookhouse. There is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book on a cold night. Chose a classic like “Pride and Prejudice”, or check out the New York Times bestseller list for ideas.

     If funds are tight there are always homemade gift options. Pinterest is the best place to get ideas, such as DIY photo coasters, homemade candles or soap, or even baking cookies or making fudge and packaging them in a festive fashion.

     No matter the price of the gift or quantity, we can all appreciate the closeness and appreciation for family and friends during this season.