Should Students Be Allowed to Eat in the Lobby? | 2019

Jacqueline Palmer ‘22

Staff Writer 


Is Lunch in the Lobby: A Blessing or a Curse?


     Have you ever walked past the lobby during lunch and almost gotten run over by hungry students or seen the trash lying on tables and floors? 

     The problem with lunch in the lobby is that sometimes there’s not enough chairs for everyone to have a seat and often times students are walking around aimlessly, leaving their garbage on the ground. 

     Mrs. Ricciardone, an English teacher who has Host Duty during the lunch block explained that it also gets very loud. 

     “It can be hard to hear the people who are trying to buzz into the school because there are so many students who want to eat in the lobby,” she said. 

     On the other hand, lunch in the cafeteria is often louder and students move their chairs to other tables to sit with their friends.  Unfortunately, whether students sit in the lobby or the cafeteria, they still leave messes. 

     “Eating in the lobby is different than the cafe. It is more free and open. The cafeteria is enclosed and usually too hot,” explained Ryan Tenezaca ‘23. 

     Lunch in the lobby, despite being hectic, crowded and with minimal seating, is a popular spot. Students seem to enjoy the freedom of choosing where they want to eat and socialize during their lunch block. 

     Students just need to realize it is their responsibility to pick up after themselves, so that these privileges are not taken away.