Imagining Life Post-COVID 19

By: McKenna Marcoux ‘24

Staff Writer 

     People all over the world have been under quarantine since the start of COVID-19 in March of 2020, forced to follow social distancing rules and wear masks.  

     As the quarantine grew longer, social normalcy and interactions became strange to people. However, as more people are vaccinated, regulations are starting to ease, and little by little, things are going back to a new type of normal. 

     Students and teachers are especially burnt out over the rigorous demands of the year and imagining life post-COVID-19 help many people get through the day.   

     Fourth-grade teacher Ms. Kilmartin wants to go to Disney World and Universal Studios. 

“I would also love to give my grandparents a big hug and a kiss because I haven’t been able to do that since Christmas of 2019,” she said. 

     Coach Rawlins is excited for things to go back to normal.

      “I want to bring back the atmosphere in the gyms and stands. Having limited fans in the stands this year was tough. I believe that part of the high school sports experience is being able to cheer on your peers home and away.  I hope that since we were not able to attend games this year, students don’t take the opportunity for granted anymore and come out to support their classmates,” Rawlins explained.  He also mentioned that he missed giving high fives and bonding with his team. He looks forward to resuming pasta parties and athletic celebrations. 

      Superintendent Dr. Christine Carver, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kristen Brooks, Principal Troetti and others have done amazing work this year to ensure all students were able to engage and learn in their classes despite being in-person or distance learners. They too are hoping to regain some semblance of normalcy in the near future. 

     Dr. Carver is excited to attend sporting events, the Prom and all other traditional school events, especially the next BHS musical. 

     “Anything that will bring us together.  I miss it so much,” Carver explained. Her daughter is also getting married in the fall and she is eager to celebrate the occasion with family and friends. 

      Dr. Brooks also wishes she could attend chorus concerts and other school events and cannot wait to spend time with her family and friends under one roof. 

     “I’ve only been able to see my family and friends in small groups, so it will be great to have everyone all together enjoying each other’s company,” Brooks said. 

     Mr. Troetti is eager to visit New York City. 

     “I would like to visit New York City without a mask and walk to all my favorite places: Central Park, the Hudson Yards, and Village. My trip would culminate with a Broadway show; preferably ‘Hamilton,’ he added. 

      Although many of our fearless leaders have similar post-pandemic wishes, we must continue to wear our masks and social distance so these wishes can become a reality once again.