Yosemite Mountain Bear: The Double Rainbow Guy


By: Zander Lopez ‘23

Staff Writer 

Sergeant Meehan and Lieutenant Commander Dwinells recently discussed with their students what it means to have a liberal education vs. being a person who is easily influenced. 

     Today, most content creators want to go viral and their viewers religiously follow what they say and do.  They want their videos seen by millions in hopes of gaining fame and notoriety – but there are a select few who break the mold and instead, release content just for the sheer joy and celebration of life. 

     One example of such a person is Yosemite Mountain Bear, an adventurer and farmer who explores wildlife and nature. He released a video back in 2010 that blew up on YouTube with almost 50 million views after Jimmy Kimmel tweeted the joyful clip. 

     In his most famous video, he enthusiastically celebrates a double rainbow he encounters in Yosemite National Park. 

     “It was rainbowing for at least an hour on January 8, 2010. It was incredible. The camera could not capture the vivid intensity and brightness,” he wrote as a caption under his video. 

Many of his current videos are about his life and how he lives it to the fullest while inspiring his viewers to go out into the world and explore.

     In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he explained that while filming the video he realized how rainbows are almost like a mirror into your soul. He says the rainbow was a positive message for humanity. 

     A quote by Gandhi perfectly describes Yosemite: “Carefully watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Manage and watch your words, for they will become your actions. Consider and judge your actions, for they have become your habits. Acknowledge and watch your habits, for they shall become your values. Understand and embrace your values, for they become your destiny.”

     Unfortunately, Yosemite, a man who just wanted to share his adventures with the world and spread positivity and light in an otherwise dark world passed away on May 9, 2020. Hopefully, his passion for life will inspire others to truly enjoy their time on earth and to be leaders and explorers, not followers who are easily swayed by the masses.