Door Versus Wheels

By: Nushreth Bhuiyan

As we all know there is a new trend on Tik-Tok. The wheels versus doors trend is a very controversial topic that is making a lot of teenagers question whether there are more doors or if there are more wheels around the world. The topic itself is highly controversial as there are multiple responses. Some students at Bethel High School think that there are more wheels while other students think there are more doors. 

“I think that there are more doors than there are wheels,” said Caden Fitzgerald ‘24. 

One of the major problems with this entire controversy is the fact that there is nothing that specifically defines what constitutes a window versus a door. 

Some people think that cabinets count as doors or that compartments in cars count as doors while others think that wheels that turn inside the engines of large ships or cars can count as wheels or that some doorknobs that turn in a circular motion can count as a wheel. 

This debate causes many arguments and disagreements as in reality, either option is very broad and new perspectives can come to light when the topic is closely observed.