Wildcat Time Discontent 

By: Nushreth Bhuiyan ’24

With the implementation of the daily Wildcat schedule, students feel further confined to staying in a singular classroom, not allowed to pick a classroom of their choosing. Students are expected to utilize Wildcat Time for academic studies and social and emotional development. However, only allowing students to sign up for their own teachers makes it harder for those students who want to study with friends who may be in other classes.

So many students during the Wildcat period sit around and wait for the minutes to pass. Shouldn’t students be given the ability to use Wildcat Time how they see fit? The school so dearly wants students to abide by the phone policy, but stripping students of their ability to interact with others by going to different advisories creates rebellion against the policy, causing students to sneak their phones into advisories on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

If students were able to pick the classroom of their choosing without specific restrictions, Wildcat Time would be further appreciated. The school already has Monday and Wednesday Wildcat periods for special lessons. Students should receive Tuesday and Thursday to pick a classroom of their choice.