Q: Dear Agatha,

I’m confused about my feelings. I want to be in a relationship, but everything about relationships is unappealing to me. Am I thinking about things wrong?

Sincerely, Tired Student


A: The high school experience is absolutely surrounded by people in relationships. If everything seems unappealing, in my professional opinion, you’re not ready. You should take that signal. School is extremely stressful no matter what grade you’re in. Balancing a relationship and school is difficult for anyone and will be worse for you if you’re not completely into it. Just wait. Your time will come and you will know you are ready. 


Q: Dear Agatha,

I have a crush on this really cute boy in my fifth period but I found out recently that my other friend has a crush on him too! I tried talking to her about it but it, unfortunately, resulted in a fight… What do I do??

Sincerely, Hopeless Rizzmantic


A: Are you willing to lose a friend? That is something you need to decide. If you really want this boy, I would go for it and risk the friendship. If you think that there are other boys, I would move past it. Drama is very annoying and becomes almost heinous when it’s over another person. Additionally, the boy may not be interested in either of you, which is okay, but would make the situation hardly worth it. 


Q: Dear Agatha,

Recently my friends of a few years haven’t been interacting with me as much as they used to and when I message the group chat they don’t respond unless someone else says something first. Throughout our friendship, I’ve always been the one to initiate conversations and create plans with the others. What should I do?

Sincerely, Distraught Student


A: Friendship breakups can be worse than romantic breakups. It’s extremely difficult to watch distance form between you and a friend. You don’t need to break off your friendship with these people. It’s always helpful to have familiar faces, but you need to branch out to maybe some of your friends who you aren’t as close with. High school comes with a lot of changes in friend groups and it’s okay as long as you are not dependent on anyone and understand that you most likely did not do anything wrong!


Q: Dear Agatha,

I met this boy during my lunch wave and we became good friends. We always talked every day at school and outside of school. Then out of the blue he just blocked me and cut off all communication with me. I tried talking to him in school to see if I did something wrong but he would just ignore me. What should I do?

Sincerely, Sad Student


A: He is not worth your time. Clearly, something happened that may have swayed his opinion of you, but that does not mean it was something you did. In situations like that, it’s best to just move on. Do not dwell on someone who clearly has no interest in keeping a relationship with you! 


Q: Dear Agatha,

I like someone on my sports team, and I want to ask them out, but I’m too shy. what do I do?! 

Sincerely, Scaredy Cat


A: Sports teams are the best way to meet people, but difficult to date. I suggest that you weigh the consequences of the situation. Remember that you will have to see them for the rest of the season and future seasons (if you’re an underclassman). Regardless of this, my advice when it comes to relationships is to go for it. High school is some of the most memorable times in your life. I understand being scared, but you miss every shot you don’t take! 


Q: Dear Agatha,

Recently I have been feeling a bit insecure about myself and my own personal expression. What advice do you have for people who want to feel more comfortable in their skin?

From, Not Comfy


A: Insecurity feels incurable sometimes. Things that have helped me are remembering that every single person is insecure. You’re not crazy for not feeling comfortable or confident. Trying to remind yourself that nobody cares about how you look and that nobody is going to recall it the next day has helped me. Also, try to be a bit more spontaneous. Breaking out of your comfort zone is hard, but that is the first step you need to take.