Political Postives


Kaia Szulewski ‘ 19

For two weeks, I’ve been trying to dig through articles, in order to find the positives in politics. My plan was to write an article about how politics only get bad press. Each news organization talks about the negatives of the other side, instead of the positives of their own party. I was committed to finding at least five agreeable topics, yet I have come up with only one.

This new bill, however, has to do with morality instead of politics. The only thing I could

find includes feminine hygiene now being easily accessible to female inmates.

“I thought it was already accessible” Molly Boucher, ‘19, states as an initial reaction. Others, like Mark Nelson, ‘19, believes similarly, that it should have been available already, because it’s unsanitary.

This arises a couple of serious issues. First, it is an indicator that the United States is not as developed as we believe. Many social issues we introduce politically have not been dealt with properly and effectively. The issue of providing feminine sanitary products in prison has been discussed for several years and only now has it become a focus. This applies to several other issues, pertaining to global warming and gun laws. Our assumptions will come at a cost unless we are more educated of our justice system.

Another issue is within the theory of my article to begin with. While doing extensive research on the positives of politics, I found one solid, agreeable, topic. This is extremely off-putting, especially since there is so much negative media related to politics. It influences the word “politics” which has been altered towards more social situations rather than governmental. The extremes of each side, Democrat and Republican, are the only ones being stressed by media outlets, causing a divide in our nation. This influences hate and distrust, which plasters our political climate at the moment.

There is so much good in the world, good that is commonly overlooked. It’s easy to see the bad when observing the news. It’s so important to do personal research on controversial topics; you may be surprised what you find.