Track and Field Construction Update


Construction continues on the new track at BHS

Megan Marx, Staff

by Megan Marx

Bethel High School athletes and students anxiously await the completion of our new track. The construction of the resilient urethane surface track, field house, and lighting systems that boys track coach, Ms. Grimes and her husband are generously donating to the town are underway.

Mr. Goodwin, athletic director at BHS, says that “The new track will bring our facility up to the best standards.” The 6-lane track will be expanded to 8-lanes, which is required for hosting a state meet or a major championship.

According to Mr. Goodwin, the renovation will also “physically update the electricity on the inside of the track in terms of quality.” Updating the track gave the town committee the opportunity to ask for a new lighting system. The original lights have been in use since 1975 and are no good. Sports teams and fans know how annoying the buzzing of the lights warming up are and how one set may blow out during the middle of a game. The new efficient, computerized lighting system will have no wasted spillage and it will designated lighting on different sections of the field, ensuring that there are no dark patches. The lights will also save the town energy costs.

A long jump pit was added, and the high jump area was made bigger. This will accommodate the track and field athletes, and hopefully “make their practice more worthwhile,” according to Mr. Goodwin. Not only that, but a whole javelin area is being created right across the street from the track to replace of the stone wall.

The new field house will create more storage space for the athletic programs. The new building will be across from the high jump area because Ms. Grimes feels that it would be a good place for her team to warm up and where she can post statistics and results.

Since the third week of June, sports teams and town residents have made due without a track. However construction is scheduled to be finished in time for the November 5th game. As for that artificial turf many athletes are dying for, Mr. Goodwin states, “It’s at the bottom of our priority list.”

A view of the new track
Construction continues on the new track at BHS