Harvard Bound

Brooke Smith, Journalism Student

I’m sure all athletes wait for that letter. Everyone knows the letter I’m talking about. The one saying that you got into the college of your dreams, the college that you have worked your hardest to get into. Who could have thought Bethel schools were capable of raising an Ivy League accepted pupil? Bethel High School’s honor student, Chris Valenti, admits he started preparing for college in kindergarten by playing soccer. He set his goals young. Valenti got that letter – from Harvard.

Now a senior, this 280-pound athlete is going to attend Harvard University. Valenti was accepted for his outstanding determination to succeed in athletics and academics. BHS’s all around stupendous student and athlete clearly stands apart from the crowd.

Valenti’s teammates and coach acknowledge Valenti for his dazzling abilities. Football player, and wrestler, Mark Ruiz compliments, “He’s a good captain. He’s a good wrestler, and a good athlete. He’s also a good person. Chris puts the team first.”

Valenti is lauded not only for his athletic abilities, but also for his academic achievement, and sincere personality.

As a part of the National Honors society, Valenti fit the bill for Harvard’s’ expectations. “I enjoy pretty much anything,” tells Valenti. “I’m a bit of a hybrid between a meat-head and a nerd,” he clarifies smiling.

Bethel High school’s head coach of football, Mr. Jason Gill appreciates Vanlent. “Chris is one of the best offensive lineman I have ever coached,” confesses Gill.

Bethel’s two year all-state football player plans to attend Harvard, and to “figure it out truly, when I get there,” he says. One may wonder how to become an athletic, and academic all-star like Chris Valenti. “Sports have given me a competitive atmosphere to grow in,” he professed. “Progress makes everything in life easier, so for me making progress on the football field made it easier for me to take on other endeavors in life.”