Happy Super Bowl Sunday

Marc Ruiz, Journalism Student

One of the biggest nights of the year that all of America looks forward to is Super Bowl Sunday. This game is always the most watched TV program ever year. It is estimated that over 130 million people are watching this game along and over 8 million pounds of guacamole are eaten on this night. This day is an unwritten holiday of America. But why?

Most people get together with friends and family on this special night to eat tons of food and watch the last football game of the year. Including people who have not watched a single football game the whole season.

Some people like Jon Cole are watching the game because their favorite team is playing. “I am so excited to watch the Packers play in the Super Bowl. I have waited along time to watch them play in the biggest game of the year” said Cole a freshman at BHS.

Jon’s brother, Josh Cole, a junior at BHS, admits that he does not watch football too much. “I love Super Bowl Sunday for all of the food. I eat more on Super Bowl Sunday then I do on Thanksgiving!”

Another aspect of Super Bowl Sunday that has nothing to do with football is the commercials. A 30-second ad in Super Bowl XLV (2011) cost between $2.5 million and $2.8 million. Most companies try to make the commercials as funny as possible because they know that over 130 million people will be talking about it the next day.

Kyle Rogers a senior at BHS said, “I thought that the commercials this year have been the funniest they have been in years.” Roger adds “the next day more people were talking about the favorite commercials than the actually game”.

Finally, there are fans watching the Super Bowl who actually love football.
“ I just love football so I always watch” concludes senior Richie Hodge.