Super Bowl Seating Issues

Jack Moriarty, Staff

This Dallas Super Bowl has been highly anticipated since it was announced it would be at the new Cowboys Stadium.

Back in May, the stadium was not officially opened, but fans were promised the greatest Super Bowl experience ever. The stadium is the biggest dome in the world, has the largest jumbo screen at 60 yards, and it has the world’s largest opening glass doors. However, what it does not have is enough seats for ticketed fans.

It turns out that 400 fans had tickets to the Super Bowl, but due to temporary seating (seats put in just for the game) being ruled unsafe for the game, these people were unable to watch their team or the beloved Super Bowl. For this specific seating section, tickets were priced at $800 face value. Some fans payed even more because of the mark-up for reselling tickets, plus traveling expenses.

Overall, 1,200 fans were affected by the unsafe seating. While 800 of the fans had their seats relocated, the other 400 could only watch it on a monitor, walking away with only the money in their pockets instead of having the memorable experience of watching the Super Bowl in person.

Mike Kaluta, a Junior at Bethel High School who is an avid football fan, stated, “I would be pissed and probably sue someone if I was unable to go to the game” he explains. “You pay the money to get there, and you expect to be seated, but not in this case.”

Breaking the seating record meant a lot to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and the entire NFL. However, it is noted that because of the 1,200 affected fans, this new stadium fell short of this record to the 103,985 attendance at the Rose Bowl in 1979.

It is disappointing and flat out unfair to the 400 fans that were unable to see this game. This is embarrassing for the NFL.

Everyday since the Super Bowl a new plan has been offered to these fans. Fans are being offered triple the face value for their ticket, tickets for next year’s Super Bowl, or tickets to any future Super Bowl plus travel expenses.

Also, two fans have since developed a lawsuit against the Cowboys and the NFL.

Overall, this is a topic that will not go away for a while, and hopefully the NFL will be prepared for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. Whatever happens to the 400 fans, they missed out on a once in a lifetime experience.