Basketball Season Wraps Up

Jack Moriarty, Staff

As spring approaches and winter winds down, so is the varsity boys’ basketball season. The boys had a solid year with a regular season record of 14-6. The team lost their SWC game against Notre Dame-Fairfield; however, they still have the state tournament to look forward to starting on Monday, March 7.

Mr. Turek, science teacher and boy’s varsity basketball coach, explains the team, “finished the season well. Unfortunately, we got away from some of the things that made us successful during our SWC game,” Turek admits. “We are working hard in preparations for the state tournament and hope not to repeat those same mistakes.”

Mr. Turek articulates his hopes for the rest of the season. “My expectations for the state tournament are that we work hard and execute our game plan,” informs Turek. “I think this team has the ability to play with almost any team in our bracket.”

Turek adds, “This has been a very successful season that began at the end of last year. The players have worked harder than any team I have coached, and have reaped the rewards of their work this season.” Turek further states, “I hope they have set a standard that all teams will follow. I am very proud of this team.”

Overall, this season was a success and Mr. Turek, as well as the rest of the team, is satisfied with the results. The boys have played great all season, and hopefully they can keep their streak alive on Monday for the state tournament, and for years to come. Mr. Turek hopes that for next year, “the players work hard in the off-season to make the necessary improvements in order to compete to the level of this team.”