Morning Workouts at BHS

Marc Ruiz, Journalism Student

Do you want to get faster, more agile, and become a better athlete? Starting Tuesday March 1, you can achieve all of that by going to A.M Speed Training at Bethel High School every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 A.M.

Coach Dave Fiorini has been the BHS strength and conditioning coach for a little over a year. He usually comes to BHS every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:15 to 4:00 for weight training. Now, Coach Fiorini will be at the school every day during the school week. His new morning sessions will focus on agility instead of weight training.

Coach Fiorini explains, “We start between 6:00-6:10 and finish at 7:00 so kids can shower and eat breakfast before school.” Fiorini adds that the idea of having agility classes came from “a couple of parents who thought it would be very beneficial.”

These A.M agility class can take the Bethel athletic program to another level. Coach Fiorini says, “We will do ladder drills, hoop drills, a variety of agility movements, shuffling, jumping, skipping, hurdles, cones, quickness drills and upper body mechanic drills.” All these drills aim at improving athletic performance on the field.

Students looking to make an impact in sports should attend these sessions. It will be great exercise and workout before school starts.