Cheers for the Cheerleaders

Taylor Freitas, Journalism Student

The Bethel High School Varsity cheerleaders finished their season strong on Saturday March 12th.

Captain Lizzie Furniss, senior, was happy with the results. She says, “Bethel cheerleaders all came together for this last competition and made the best of it. Even though there were hardships on the way, we really sold our routine and were brought very close to each other.”

Chaos had struck the team only minutes before performing. Furniss explains, “We had a few issues this competition but we worked through them. Some nervous girls and girls not feeling well, but we pulled it together.”

Cheerleader Stephanie Caruso says, “Before going on the mat we faced problems that could’ve ruined us. Other teams would’ve dropped out at the point, but we made it through.”

Freshman Amanda Basso also adds, “I was so scared before going on because of all the chaos, but we still beat three teams with having to change to everything.”

Bethel ended up beating three teams and improving the states score from last year.

Both captains Lizzie Furniss and Britany Shea credit their coaches Sarah Hartley and Elizabeth Reynolds for the team’s success this season. The coaches’ hard work, commitment, and time they spent working with the team was truly appreciated.

The Bethel High School cheerleaders will reassemble for football season tryouts in May. Furniss insists “Next year it looks like there will be an even stronger team than this year with even more girls. I wish the team the best of luck and I’ll miss them like crazy. But, of course I’ll be there to still cheer them on.”