Update: BHS GSoc Season Comes to an End

Lauren DeSimone and Bridget Conway, Journalism Students

Update: November 20
Bethel girl’s varsity soccer season comes to an end after a close match with Farmington at Falcon Field in Meriden this Friday night. The Wildcats ended their season with a 0-1 loss.

Athletic Director Jayme McGovern said, “Against Famington, Bethel Girl’s Soccer proved they are just as good as any team in the state. It was an even match, and the lone goal could have happened to any team at any time. Both teams played hard, and Bethel’s performance was truly exciting to watch.”

Coach Mitch Trainor added, “The girls had a great season. I was excited to see how the girls got better as the season went on. We had a great run and it was great to advance to the semis. I’m already excited for next year although I will always remember this team and will miss the seniors.”

November 18
The Bethel girl’s varsity soccer team won their second Class L States game in the quarterfinals against Joel Barlow on Tuesday November 15th. They are preparing for their semi final game against Farmington today.

Joel Barlow and Bethel are rivals constantly playing intense games, competing to come out on top. After a very competitive game, Bethel won, with a final score of 8-6 in penalty kicks.

The game stayed 0-0 until the very end. Two ten-minute overtimes were played, but to no avail. The score remained 0-0. Finally, the teams began penalty kicks. In the first round, each team has five players shoot. At the end of the first round, the score advanced to 5-5. In the second round, the score changed to 8-6, with Bethel in the lead.

“I can’t believe we went to [penalty kicks] again, but we got through it…It was just a great game,” said Kaylene Mago (’12).

Both the coaches and the team members were extremely happy that the girls had won the game. Coach Mitchell Trainor, who just began coaching the girl’s soccer team this season, said, “I’m happy that the girls are performing well for my first year of coaching. I am excited for tonight’s game, it will be great because it’s the first time the girls soccer team has ever gotten this far.”

Jayme McGovern, coached Bethel Girls Varsity Soccer for five years before taking on the job of Athletic Director. She said, “The girls soccer win against Barlow is a testament to the determination and tenacity with which the girls play. Our girls may not possess the most talent on the field in any given game, but they have proven time and again this season that talent does not outweigh hustle and heart.”

Today’s game against Farmington will be played in Meriden. A fan bus from Bethel High school will be provided. Check in with the Main Office for more details.

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