Boys Varsity Soccer Season Concludes

Katherine Filler, Journalism Student

Boys varsity soccer ended their season Monday, November 14 with a loss of 1-0 against Suffield and finished their season with a record of 12-6-3 including post season.

One highlight from this year is that the team won the patriot division for the first time in five years.

The team had a very good season but not as good as they hoped it would be. Last year, boys soccer had made it all the way to the state finals where they tied for state champs. Mr. Anthony Fernandes, head coach, says “As successful as this year was, when it came to the big teams we didn’t pull through.”

All throughout the season, “expectations were set pretty high” says Mr. Fernandes, “but I can’t help but be disappointed in the end.”

Players were a little more optimistic about their performance. Pedro Alves, senior at Bethel High School, says that, “We wanted to prove to people that we’re good and not a bottom half team.”

What made the team so successful was its “chemistry, good base, and our coaches” says Alves (’12). Although the team did not make it as far as they as hoped, they still set new records, personally and for the team.

This year’s boys soccer season may have come to a close, but team performance is always on the coach’s mind. “Next year the team should do very well” says Mr. Fernandes.