Girls Basketball in Prime Form

Abby Heinemeyer, Journalism Student

The Lady Wildcats opened their pre-season at home with a scrimmage against Seymour on Wednesday night. Though it was only a practice game, the Lady Wildcats showed much intensity, spirit, and potential for the upcoming 2011-2012 season.

Bethel proved its eagerness for the ball. Rebounds seemed like a casualty and the Wildcats never let their opponents stray too far from their reach. They even went so far that, at one point, a member of the visiting team had to be taken out of the game because of a bloody nose.

Several Lady Wildcats stood out from the pack such as number 34, senior Casey Oberhammer who, in the course of the night, was able to score two three-pointers. In what turned out to be the play of the game, Oberhammer caught an across-court pass made by number 14, sophomore Kaelin Hogan.

Another highlight was when Stephanie Forese ran at the heels of a Seymour down the court and was able to knock the ball from their hands just as a shot was about to be made, possibly saving Bethel’s current lead.

Plays such as these occurred frequently throughout the night, quickly putting Bethel in the lead. As it was a scrimmage, several short games were played with Bethel victorious in most of them.

Could this be setting the pace for the rest of the season? We will just have to wait and see as the Lady Wildcats commence their season on Wednesday December 7, at home against Amistad Academy.