Boys Basketball Team is Aiming High

Abby Heinemeyer, Journalism Student

With winter just around the corner and snow about to fall at any moment (again), the Bethel High boys basketball team is preparing for yet another season.

After ending last year with a record of 15-7, many things have changed. Mr. Turek, the head coach of the basketball team, says, “Last year we returned a lot of experienced varsity players so we knew what we had at the beginning of the season but this year we’re not quite sure what we have.”

With only five seniors, this year’s team roster will not be filled with as many upperclassmen. “We have a lot of young players so we’ll be lacking experience but we’ll be all right,” says one of the team’s leaders, Matt Gallagher ’12.

Despite the lack of age and experience, the team has shown much determination and dedication. They have been utilizing the BHS weight room, especially the newly acquired VertiMax to help with vertical jump. As Brian Walters, a senior, states, “Every day we’re working hard to get better.”

Mr. Turek believes that the team must continue their efforts in order for their preseason hard work to pay off. “Showing up to practice every day, doing what we need to do, is the first step in anything. So if we do that consistently then we’ll start worrying about our points because we do have potential.”

If the boys are able to do this then, as junior Frankie Magrone states, “hopefully we’ll have a great season.”