Field Hockey “Plays for a Cure”

Amanda Bagala, Journalism Student

The Bethel High School Field Hockey Team supported the Ciparelli family on October 11th, 2012 by selling tickets for $5 and donating all of the money raised to the family. The “Play for the Cure” game is usually played for breast cancer, but the exception was made this year to help the Ciparellis and their son Oliver.

Not too long ago, Mr. Christopher Ciparelli’s son, Oliver, age 2, was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD). “When all other kids his age were walking and doing everything normally, he wasn’t able to walk. He didn’t sit upright, and they could tell that something was wrong. His muscles didn’t develop the way they were supposed to, and he’s losing muscles,” says Priscilla Licari ‘13, one of the field hockey team captains and a member of Mr. Ciparelli’s track team.

“We’re hopping to raise $1,200,” says Ms. Kathleen McGowan, the Varsity field hockey coach. “There are about 40 girls on the team, and each girl was supposed to sell six tickets for $5 a ticket.” That money was combined with the profits from a bake sale, and a 50/50 raffle.

Mrs. Shira Teich, the freshman field hockey coach, was excited to participate in the “Play for a Cure” game. “I’m glad that all of the field hockey players were excited to play and support a member of the community,” she says.

Player Lauren Hodge ’16 adds, “Yeah I was excited. It’s more because the game was for a good cause and the money is going to the Ciparellis.”

In honor of this special event, the team wore pink pinnies and black shorts, very different from their usually maroon and white. Many players loved the pennies because it motivated them to play for the Ciparelli family.

As a result of that excitement, the freshman team won its game 1-0, JV lost its game 0-1, and Varsity won its game 2-1 in overtime. Morgan Matthews ’16 scored the goal for freshmen in the last 10 seconds of the game, and Phoebe Ziegler ‘13 scored both goals for the Varsity team: one in overtime and one in the game itself.

There have been other events held to help the Ciparelli family such as a track meet, and a formal dinner. Licari feels it is important to support these events. “I’ve been trying my best to do my best for them, both financially and otherwise,” she concludes.