Varsity Girls Basketball Win Over Amistad

Carina Leggio '14, Journalism Student

On Monday night, Bethel High School girls’ basketball game against Amistad Academy proved to be an easy defeat with the final score of 62 – 26. Although Amistad Academy fought hard to secure the few points scored, it proved not nearly enough to overcome the extremely strong Bethel High School team.

The girls were excited about their win, and were happy with the way they played together as a team. Alex Hernandez (’14), a varsity player all throughout her years at Bethel High School so far, attributes the win to overall strategy saying, “We just tried to keep the ball moving, and it proved successful in this game.”

Lucy Daniels (’14), agreed with Hernandez, and added that, “for this game, good ball movement, especially passing was key.” This strategy was evident throughout the game, for the ball was passed so quickly between players, Amistad Academy was always left a step behind the Bethel players. Daniels and Hernandez proved to be masters at this technique, often leaving the Amistad Academy players dumbfounded as yet another basket was scored.

According to Daniels and Hernandez, the right amount of intensity is a large contributor to their wins on the team over the years. When I asked both girls about the decent amount of aggression displayed on the courts by the two of them, they both laughed, Daniels stating, “It’s an intense game! You can’t be afraid of some aggression within this sport.” Hernandez added, “It’s a healthy amount of aggression, we have to be careful we don’t get penalties either.”

The season ahead proves to be promising for the Bethel High School girls’ basketball team, and both girls hope the team will continue with their effective strategic playing so they can rake in some more wins. Hernandez remarks, “This is just the beginning of the season. If we can keep up what we have going on so far, then we can really come together as a team and win more games.” After seeing the game against Amistad Academy, there’s certainly no doubt in my mind that the Bethel High School girls’ basketball team will be winning a lot more this season.