Katherine DeFazio: Athlete of the Week


by Kallan Hook and Samantha Segiet, Staff Writers

A few weeks back, Bethel High School had our very own Katherine Defazio be nominated, and win, the UChoose Athlete of the Week! The UChoose Athlete of the Week nominates various students who show academic and athletic excellence that proudly represents not only their team, but their school. Following the announcement of Katherine’s win she shares her sincere thanks and appreciation for this award. Katherine tells us exclusively that, “It means a lot to be appreciated by not only the school, but by the state”. Although her achievements do not come as a shock to her friends and family she explains just how she became victorious. Through the support of her teammates and family Katherine elaborates on how her teammates pushed all of their peers to vote for her during, and in between classes. In doing so, Katherine discusses how “it was really cool to see everyone coming together and voting”.

As the victory party simmered down Katherine commented that, “for the rest of the season, I hope we continue to work hard and get a couple more wins”. Katherine has not only been a great influence on the court, but she continues to exemplify the “Wildcat Four” each and everyday, therefore we wish the best of luck to Katherine and the Bethel Volleyball team in their future endeavors!