Spring Sports Roundup


Ryan Polistena, Staff Writer

Written by: Ryan Polistena ’17, Staff Writer


With a new coach and a new uniform, the boys lacrosse team is preparing to “use [their] experience on offense and defense to [their] advantage and compete in the conference and Class M” according to Jack Kelly ‘17 . With a talented group of seniors and an up and coming group of juniors, the boys lacrosse team is primed for another intense season!

Coaches: Mr. Doolan, Mr. Barry, Mr. Belcourt

Captains: Jake Craybas ‘16,  Jared Piatnik ‘16,  Brad Haggerty ‘16

Players to Watch: Jake Craybas ‘16,  Jared Piatnik ‘16, Brad Haggerty ‘16, Arthur Basso 16’, Jack Kelly ‘17,  Luke Newman ‘17,  Mark Weiss ‘17



A perennial contender for BHS, the girls lacrosse team is yet again stacked with talent.  Jessica Macintyre 17’ explains how they’re, “excited, focused and well prepared to head into one very successful season for Bethel Girls Lacrosse and [they] hope to see you all at [their] games.”

Head Coach: Mrs. Rinas (Desisto)

Captains: Olivia Franzese ‘16 , Katherine DeFazio‘16

Players to Watch: Olivia Franzese ‘16 ,  Emily Allen ‘16 , Sarah Melvin ‘16,  Sofia Orrico 17’, Natalie Melvin 17’



Another program Bethel is known for is our track team with our hard working runners who train in all conditions. Thomas Carraturo ‘16,  admits that the, “team may be a little smaller this year,” but reminds everyone that it is, “quality over quantity.” However large or small the boys track team is, we know they will always be one of the most competitive teams coming out of Bethel.

Coaches: Mrs. Grimes, Mr. Fontaine, Mr. Fox, Mr. Matthews

Captains: Chris Aponte ‘16, Chris Fernandes ‘16, Marshall Stevenson ‘16, Trey Schwack ‘16

Players to Watch:

Distance: Chris Fernandes ‘16 , Brian Carraturo ‘17, Dillon Bell ‘17

Sprinting: Marshall Stevenson ‘16 ,  Chris Aponte ‘16

Throwing:  Thomas Carraturo ‘16



Similar to boys track, girls track is putting in the work necessary for a fantastic season. They are also one of the most competitive teams from Bethel and we expect big things and maybe even a few new school records from them this year.

Coaches: Mr. Ciparelli, Mr. Eckert

Captains: Alexandra Deluca ‘16, Amanda Deming ‘16, Kendall Meenan ‘16

Players to Watch: Alexandra Deluca ‘16,  Amanda Deming ‘16



The golf team draws from some of the more skilled athletes in BHS who focus on the intricacies of golf. Captain Spencer Olson ‘17 is excited for the potential of the team this season and is interested to see how it will “all come together in the end.” Best of luck to the Golf team this season!

Coaches: Mr. Poapst, Ms. Smith

Captains: Gio Luongo ‘16, Spencer Olson ‘17

Players to Watch: Spencer Olson ‘17



The softball team is coming into this season more competitive than most and their drive to succeed is unbeatable. Heather Quink ‘17  is confident in their potential, noting how there is, “a lot of talent on [the] team and by keeping positive attitudes we will only get better.” The softball team should come together nicely and become a fierce competitor for BHS!

Coaches: Mr. Abramson, Ms. Salierno, Ms. Haber

Captains: Sarah Cardillo ‘16, Megan Fuller ‘16,  Caroline Crouse ‘17

Players to Watch: Megan Fuller ‘16 (catcher) , Megan Savitsky ‘17  (center field),  Annika Haskett ‘18 (pitcher)



The baseball team seems to have all the pieces of the puzzle this year as they “have a great group of talent from all grades and [they] can put it to good use to make a deep run this year,” according to Ben Brod ‘17 . With this diverse group of players ranging from all grades, the baseball team should have another exciting year in store for BHS!

Coaches: Mr. Turek, Mr. Fesh

Captains: Senior Leaders

Players to Watch: Chas Cywinn ‘16 , Nick Luhrs ‘16, Kyle Brelling ‘17, Jake Roper ‘17



Men’s Tennis also has a new coach this year with Mr. Rinas taking the helm as head coach. With the new faces and new philosophy,  Ekam Rai ‘17 believes the team will have “great success to come” with Mr. Rinas doing such an “extraordinary job preparing [them] for the season.” Best of luck to the men’s tennis team and their new head coach Mr. Rinas!

Head Coach: Mr. Rinas

Captains: Derek Magro ‘16 , Brett Jenkinson ‘16

Players to Watch: Derek Magro ‘16, Brett Jenkinson ‘16 ,  Daniel Islaam ‘17, Nick Bivona ‘17 ,  Ekam Rai ‘17, Brandon Yup ‘17 , Joey Zanchelli ‘17



The girls tennis team is in a minor rebuilding year as they try to recover from the loss of five varsity seniors last year, but many other teams in the SWC are in the same situation. Ms. Tegmier, of course, is “really helping [everyone] improve” says Ariana Leggio ‘17  and that the team is “looking to have a great season with hopes of players making it to States and SWC’s individually and as a team!” Best of luck to the girls tennis team this year!

Head Coach: Mrs. Tegmier

Captains: Casey Conway ‘16 , Ariana Leggio ‘17

Players to Watch: Casey Conway ‘16, Ariana Leggio ‘17 ,  Pavitra Makarla ‘17