Spring Sports Roundup

Spring Sports Roundup


by: Ryan Polistena ’17, staff writer

Snow is slowly melting off the fields, and the fresh scents of grass and flowers are beginning to waft through the air as a contagious energy seems to overtake Bethel High School after school. This can only mean one thing: spring sports are in season! Let’s take a look at our sports teams as they prepare for their upcoming contests.


Coach: Ms. Smith

Players to watch: Spencer Olson ‘17, David Zalcman ‘17, Keith Bell ‘17, Dean Havelock ‘18

Date of first match: April 4 at Brookfield

After speaking to All-State golfer Spencer Olson ‘17, he sounded confident the golf team would find success this year, noting that they are “fundamentally sound and have been putting in hard work” this offseason. Unfortunately, spectators are not allowed at matches, but we wish the best of luck to the golf team!


Coach: Ms. Lombardo, Ms. Salierno, Ms. Haber

Players to watch: Annika Haskett, Christina Franzese, Heather Quink

Date of first match: April 1 in Danbury

With captains Caroline Crouse and Heather Quink, the softball team is looking to produce a solid season this year. Captain Heather Quink commented that “We’re really excited about the season and I am confident that we will improve on our record from previous years.”


Coach: Mr. Turek

Players to watch: Kyle Brelling ‘17, Ben Brod ‘17, Tyler Davis ‘18

Date of first game: April 3 at Abbott Tech

The baseball team will have an interesting dynamic with a mixture of older established players, and newer players. Senior Ben Brod felt that the team would need “some of the younger guys to step up, but from what [they’ve] seen in practice, they should have no problem doing that.” Make sure to come out and support the baseball team!

Boys Lacrosse:

Coach: Mr. Doolan, Mr. Belcourt, Mr. Barry

Players to watch: Mark Weiss ‘17, Jack Kelly ‘17, Luke Newman ‘17, Chris Rice ‘17

Date of first match: April 1 in Bethel

Captain Mark Weiss ‘17 did not hold back when asked about the lacrosse team this year, making the statement “You heard it here first, we’re going 16-0 and winning states.” That kind of confidence may take them far in the competitive South-West Conference. Be ready to come out and cheer on the lacrosse team in some exciting games!

Girls Lacrosse:

Coach: Ms. Rinas, Ms. Briggs

Players to watch: Jessica MacIntyre ‘17, Natalie Melvin ‘17, Sofia Orrico ‘17

Date of first match: April 4 vs. Weston

Captain Natalie Melvin ‘17 brought an interesting perspective of the girls lacrosse team when we discussed their season outlook. She described how they “came into the season thinking it would be a tough one but have quickly learned that we have the potential to be a threat in the SWC,” especially if they work towards “creating a positive team dynamic.” Best of luck to the girls lacrosse team and make sure to go out and support them this season!

Boys track:

Coach: Ms. Grimes

Players to watch: Everyone

Date of first match: April 17 at Pomperaug

All-SWC runner Brian Carraturo ‘17 eloquently spoke about how the immense size of the team does not bother him. Rather, he is “confident that this season will be one filled with growth, spirit, and success.” Senior Alex Staib ‘17 contributed a profound maxim to train by: “Live to run, run to live.” It looks like the track team is primed for big things!

Girls Track:

Coach: Mr. Ciparelli

Players to watch: Everyone

Date of first match: April 18 in Bethel

After speaking with senior Stephanie Polistena ‘17, it was clear that the seniors are planning to finish with a great year. She explained how “All the seniors are super excited for this final outdoor season and [are hoping] to have lots of support as [they] have many home meets. Of course best of luck to the girls track team this season!

Boys Tennis:

Coach: Mr. Rinas

Players to watch: Brandon Yup ‘17, Mat Reeves ‘17, Daniel Islam ‘17, Ekam Rai ‘17

Date of first match: April 3 at Brookfield

Similar to the lacrosse team, the boys tennis team did not mince words when asked about their season. Senior Brandon Yup simply said “[It] looks like an undefeated year coming up.” Come out and support the boys tennis team in another exciting season!

Girls Tennis:

Coach: Ms. Tegmier

Players to watch: Ariana Leggio ‘17, Amanda Towey ‘17, Meggy Dolan ‘17

Date of first match: April 4 vs. Masuk

Senior Ariana Leggio ‘17 is hoping for a big season, planning on competing in SWC’s and States for singles. With new additions Amanda Towey ‘17 and Meggy Dolan ‘17, the girls tennis team has a new dynamic. Leggio explained how they can have a “strong season with a good lineup!” and plan to have “a winning record and make it to Team States!”