That’s All Folks

That’s All Folks

By: Ryan Polistena ‘17, staff writer

Four years of high school sports and two years as the sports columnist. I think I can speak for all the seniors when I say that Bethel sports has been quite a ride and we’ve all made memories we’ll never forget. One day, these coaches, our teammates, and these fields will be just stories from our past, but they are something we all share. Sports has brought us all together, both playing and watching them, and our class has definitely never lacked spirit. Through bringing home championships or enduring big losses, Bethel has always stuck together.

One thing I know I will particularly miss is the bus rides. The bus has a way of bringing everyone together—both literally and figuratively—and it’s where you celebrate some of your biggest wins and toughest losses. Being stuffed three to a seat, sweaty and covered in bags and equipment becomes a place where music is blasting and the whole team is laughing.

As a member of the class of 2017, I know we’ve made our mark on the BHS sports program and I know that the upcoming grades will only improve upon it.

It’s been fun writing about the ups and downs of Bethel Sports. Go Wildcats!