Fall Sports Round-Up


Ethan Cardona ’18
Staff Writer

School has started and sports are finally back in action. The Wildcats’ hard work is paying off. Our boys soccer team won the Patriot Division while the football team secured a win at our homecoming game. Here’s a rundown of new captains, players to watch, and records for our Wildcat sports teams.

Boys Cross Country

Coach: Mr. Waring

Captains: Thomas Broomhead ‘18, Patrick Joyce ‘18 and Jason Zheng ‘18

Players to Watch: Shawn Sato ’19, Luca Cazzaniga ’21, Alexander Goodwin ’19

Record: 6-7


Boys Soccer

Coach: Mr. Fernandez, Mr. Doolan

Captains: Gabe Carrijo ‘18, Anthony Falstoe ‘18

Players to Watch: Liam Ford ‘18, Chris Towey ‘19, Heidki Morales ‘19

Record: 10-1-2, including the Patriot Division Championship.


Field Hockey

Coach: Mrs. Ciskowski

Captains: Sara Reseska ‘18, Annika Haskett ‘18, Christina Franzese ‘18, Emily Lane ‘18

Players to Watch: Vicky Gracy ‘20, Mary Muthersbaugh ‘19, Brooke Healy ‘18

Record: 1-1-9



Coach: Mr. Gill

Captains: Austin Moran ‘18, Tyler Davis ‘18, Nick Cote ‘18

Players to Watch: Stephen Mosley ‘18, Zach Perry ‘18

Record: 1-4


Girls Cross Country

Coach: Mr. Ciparelli

Captains: Sarah Viebrock ‘18, Marcela Charles ‘18, Audrey Garcia ‘19

Players to Watch: Nicole Popham ‘21, Sara El Moustakim ‘21, Vivian Pereira ‘20, Savannah Giordano ‘19

Record: 5-8


Girls Soccer

Coach: Mr. Weiss

Captains: Renata Navarro ‘18, Lilian Daniels ‘18

Players to Watch: Kenna Correia ‘18, Stephanie Bierce ‘18, Megan Greene ‘19, Kaitlyn DeLuca ‘19

Record: 3-3-6



Girls Volleyball

Coach: Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Tegmier

Captains: Sophie Björnson ‘18, Ashley Connors ‘18

Players to Watch: Christina DaSilva ‘19, Gabby Mendonca ‘19

Record: 4-11

Upcoming Home Games: Nov. 6 in the BHS Gym at 3 p.m.