Girls Varisty Basketball Star | 2019

Spotlight on Marana Nyborg

Nicole Bagala ‘20

Staff Writer

Varsity Athelete and her Dedication

If you have watched  the BHS Girls Varsity Basketball team play from the stands, you have probably seen a tall girl with the number 30 on her maroon and white uniform tearing down the court.

    That is Maranda Nyborg ‘20, a forward for the Girls Varsity Basketball team.

    She has been playing basketball since she was in second grade and has grown not just in height, but in her skills. She is skilled in playing defense and shooting, often scoring points for her team. She is often the first one running down the court towards the basket when playing defense and she is always trying to get open to get the ball when playing offense.

    But she did not end up like this overnight.

    Nyborg has received support and guidance from Bethel Coach Anderson Rawlins ever since they met when she was in seventh grade. Since then, she has worked countless hours in the weight room to get stronger and perseveres to improve on weaknesses. Nyborg has continued to grow not just as a player, but as a leader.

    “After a tough game Maranda will always be the one to give constructive feedback,” says her teammate Victoria Gracy’20. “She rarely gets down on her teammates and picks us up when the team needs it.”

    Off the court, Nyborg is outgoing, determined and hardworking. In school she works hard in her classes, as student athletes need to keep their grades up to participate in sports. The student should always come first and Nyborg agrees.

    “Academics have a huge influence on how I am going to decide where to go to school,” Nyborg says. “As of right now, I want to be an athletic trainer, so finding a school where I feel like I can maximise my academics is most important for me.”

    Alongside school and her impressive basketball career, Nyborg values her relationships with friends and family.

    “I make sure to put a lot of time into them because I’m not home a lot due to sports,” Nyborg says.     

    “So I put my attention into them whenever I get the chance. My friends and family are super important influences in my life.”